Monday, 9 January 2017

Seven Ways To Be Productive Without Actually Writing

Who says you have to have a pen in your hand or a Word document open in order to be productive? You might be in a place or situation where you’re not able to sit down and write uninterrupted, you might be stuck on where to take your story or what to write about next, or maybe you just need a break for a while. There are ways to be productive even when you’re out and about, at a friend’s house, shopping, or in bed. Here are seven ways you can keep those creative juices flowing:

Friday, 30 December 2016

We are currently accepting submissions for the magazine and for Peeking Cat Anthology 2017!

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January 2017 Issue Out Now!

The January 2017 issue is now available!

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Writing Without Fear: Has Everything Already Been Written?

One of the things I sometimes struggle with is coming up with new writing ideas that nobody else has written about before. More than once I have explained one of my plot ideas to my partner, only to be told that a writer or movie maker has already beaten me to it and created something very similar. In fact, there is an argument that there are actually only seven plots in literature: overcoming the monster; rags to riches; the quest; voyage and return; comedy; tragedy; and rebirth. Every story is said to stem from these themes. There are around 130 million published books in the world (depending on what your definition of a book is), and that is perhaps a rather reserved figure as it was suggested in 2010. So what’s the likelihood of anyone thinking of a new idea that hasn’t already been done?

Monday, 26 December 2016

How to Make Literary Magazine Editors Happy

Submitting to literary magazines can be a bit of a minefield, to say the least. Literary database Duotrope has around 6,000 poetry, fiction and non-fiction publications listed on its website, and there are probably many more in existence that aren’t listed in this directory. Some are online only, some only appear in print, some don’t accept email submissions, some are only open to writers in particular geographical locations or with specific demographics. Each one has its own requirements when it comes to format, word or line limit, simultaneous submissions, and more.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Peeking Cat Anthology 2016

 Peeking Cat Anthology 2016

The Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 is now available!
40 poems, three short stories, and six photographs from writers and photographers worldwide.
Available in paperback and hardback on; on Kindle; and on and in paperback.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

About Peeking Cat Poetry

At Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine we like poems that tell the truth in some way - poems that dare to be honest about something important, or poems that find something beautiful to say about everyday things.

Poetry isn't a high-brow art form and it shouldn't be inaccessible. Poetry is by everyone, for everyone. It is everyday - it is every life. But most of all, it is everywhere, and to see it, you just have to observe - like a peeking cat.

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