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 Peeking Cat Anthology 2016

The Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 is now available!
40 poems, three short stories, and six photographs from writers and photographers worldwide.
Available in paperback and hardback on Lulu.com, and on Kindle.
Coming to Amazon in paperback in a couple of months!

Use code SAVETODAY at checkout for 20% off
all books and magazines until 3rd October!

Anthology Contents

A Poem for the End of July By Anne Britting Oleson
Mercy By Wayne F. Burke
My mother's apartment By Eric Robert Nolan
A Litany for Mr. Hans By Rollo Nye
Stream of Conscious: Entry #25 By Josh Dale
Nuts, I Mean By Les Epstein
West Sixth Wet By Kyle Hemmings
Notes on My Grandparent’s Allotment  By Grant Tarbard
Lucid Dreaming By Martina Reisz Newberry
Last Kiss By Miki Byrne
Cat Scrabble Ode By Ron Singer
Walking Through the House By A.J. Huffman
She Was Impossible By Carol Louise Moon
The Sailfish Poem By Gregory E. Lucas
Gardening By Roxana Cazan
Strawberry Picking: Elroy, North Carolina By LLMcDonald
Sleepless Night By Susan P. Blevins
Tiziano in deep thought By Susan P. Blevins
Oslo By Christie-Luke Jones
Taos Gorge By Kenneth P. Gurney
Infinity  By Sheikha A.
Rapunzel By Megan Crosbie
The Distance between Us By Scott Thomas Outlar
3am By Katie Lewington
I gave her a Penguin classic By Claire Sexton
Diminished By Jocelyn Mosman
The Door By Allen Dec
BFFs By Allen Dec
Verses written from the cat’s point of view By Norbert Gora
The Witch and the Priest By Jake Tringali
Gray Door By veRONIca Jackson
Gray Door By Christopher Kildow Moon
Wrongheaded Love Song for the Town Called Thursday By Rich Ives
Contamination. By Natalie Alferez
Everything You Left Behind By Alyssa Trivett
Lucky Buckeye By Chad W. Lutz
Summer Garden By James G. Piatt
The Seasons and the Slants (V2) By Michael Lee Johnson
Springtime at the Graveyard By Heath Brougher
Western Bluebird By James Lewis
How to Write a Poem By Joyce Greenfield
Noel, or, Heron and Kitten By Fiona Marshall
The Shootist By Carl Palmer
Migration By Sue Daly
Free Spirit By Kersten Christianson
Moon Kitty from Alaska By Kersten Christianson
Admission By Trish Delaney
not strong enough By Linda M. Crate
Margaret’s Couch By Nikki Knight
MSN By Dane Cobain

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